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Retractable fabric awnings offer an affordable sun shade solution for condominium communities alike.

Sunshine Awning MI has professionally installed etractable awnings in over 100 different condominium communities throughout Michigan.  We offer great discount packages to condo owners and work closely with your management company or condo association to have your request to install a retractable awning approved.  Retractable awnings are, typically, the only type of awning approved within condominium communities because of their compact and maintenance free design.  If your condo has not yet approved retractable awnings for your community, the owner of Sunshine Awning will personally attend your condominium’s board meeting or association meeting to help with the approval process.

Sunshine Awning provides retractable awnings that accent your deck or patio while providing instant, freestanding, protection from the sun.  Retractable fabric deck awnings provide instant sun protection without the unsightly framework and costly seasonal maintenance of a stationary awning.  Our retractable awnings are open on all sides, with all operation above your head, and do not require supports to be fastened to your deck.  Retractable awnings accent your home, provide sun and UV protection, reduce air conditioning bills, and expand your outdoor living space.

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